Book Magazine & Newsletter Designing

Book and Magazine Designing depends on the client requirement of an organization. The size of a Magzine and Journel depends on the counting of the pages. Crisp Multimedia Services offer an innovative, creative and professional design service to create highly visual books layout and book cover for children.

We have a team of professional graphic designers who have designed dozen of book page layout and book cover design. We will deliver original and unique design which everybody will love and we will also handle all the layouts and printing for you. At Crisp Multimedia Services we have best graphic designers in delhi and ncr who are well experienced and qualified with artistic and creative outlook towards their every single job.

We also provide the printing consultation services to the customers at low price and free from all technical problems. Our customers are provided the proof in the form of color Ink Jet Printouts by posts and PDF files through email ID.

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Crisp Multimedia Solutions provides stunning covers for your books. Our professional and experienced artists provide graphics which are a perfect combination of concepts, images and typography. Covers should do justice to a quality of content within. Creative book cover designs are very significant these days and hence it makes more sense to offshore these creative jobs to places where the availability of skilled resources is high and pricing is cost effective.

Various types of cover design services we offer:

  • Book cover
  • Business covers
  • Wrappers
  • Book jacket
  • CD and DVD
  • Magazine
  • Journal
  • Letters
  • eBook cover design
  • Album cover design
  • Brochure covers

Why to Choose Crisp Multimedia Solutions as Designing Partner for Book and Magazine Designing?

  • We are capable to guarantee perfect solutions for your diverse requirements.
  • The designers among us are proficient in using all advanced tools and technologies.
  • We have different teams of graphic design artists and hence you will get multiple variations to select from.
  • Those for printing like magazine design are formatted as per the printer-explicit requirements.
  • We have proper infrastructure and huge workforce assuring work delivery within a really short time period.
  • All-inclusive services that take care of image inspection, color consistency, and banding correction
  • We take every bit of effort to make sure that you get the best results from our graphic design services.
  • We have experience, expertise and most importantly the passion to fashion awesomeness with creativity. Since we have worked for different categories of authors, publishers, libraries, content providers and industries, our team of book cover designers can grasp your crafting requirements with ease within no time.